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For many of us, aging and sun damage impact our skin in a variety of ways: from enlarged pores to deep wrinkles to uneven skin texture. Treating these conditions all at once requires a versatile, energy-based device that resurfaces the skin with minimal pain and downtime. We use Venus Concept’s Venus Viva to target a wide range of superficial improvements, such as mild skin tightening, pores, scarring, redness, and hyperpigmentation.

While laser skin resurfacing employs light energy, Venus Viva uses nanofractional radiofrequency (RF) technology to deeply heat the skin, kickstarting the natural exfoliation process and stimulating long-term collagen production without burning the skin’s surface. Venus Viva is the perfect device for those looking to repair sun damaged skin, improve the overall texture and appearance of their skin, and achieve a softer, smoother, healthier complexion.

Designed for use on all parts of the face and body, including the chest, hands, forearms, buttocks, and thighs, Venus Viva addresses a multitude of superficial skin issues and textural concerns, including:

Hyperpigmentation, pigment irregularities, discoloration, and melasma
Rosacea, facial redness, and capillary issues
Sun damage / sun spots
Pore size
Mild/minimal acne scarring
General scars
Crepey skin / mild skin laxity
Fine lines and wrinkles
Dark circles under the eyes
Stretch marks
Uneven texture or complexion

What makes Venus Viva unique, other than its remarkable versatility, is that its settings are customizable. By adjusting the delivery of the RF energy and the speed at which it’s delivered, We can tailor the strength or aggressiveness of the treatment (and reduce or lengthen the patient’s downtime) based on each individual’s unique needs and aesthetic goals.