Electrocautery is a technique that uses an electric spark/heat to burn and destroy tissue. It is used primarily for the removal of surface skin lesions.  

 The area to be cauterized is first cleaned with an antiseptic solution.  Dependent upon the settings required for the treatment we may inject lidocaine with a small needle to the lesion prior to treatment. 

 Let us know if you have any contradiction to the procedure, such as a pacemaker or metallic implant within the body, or an allergic reaction to any numbing medications. 

 Healing time depends on the size and location of the lesions. Bigger and more numerous lesions will take longer to perform and thus, longer to heal. After cauterization, healing on the face usually takes one to two weeks, the neck and the rest of the body take 2 to 3 weeks. 

Post treatment information/after care 

 Apply a bland ointment such as Vaseline to the treated area 3 to 4 times until healed. Keep it moist, prevent a crust from forming.

 There may be some slight redness, after it healed which will slowly improve over the next few weeks. 

 Treated areas may sting for 1 to 2 hours when the numbing medication wears off. 

 You can shower after 12 hours using a mild soap but be sure not to rub the scabs off with a bath towel or face cloth or picking off the scabs are crossed as this may cause scabs to fall off prematurely and increase the risk of scarring. 

 Immediately after showering, pat gently with a clean soft bath towel or face cloth and then apply Vaseline. 

 You can use your normal make up however, as the last step apply a small amount of Vaseline to the treated area. 

 Ensure the area is very well protected from sun exposure for at least three months as this helps prevent any colour change to the treated area.